10 days

18 Students from Humtek used game design to learn to program in 10 days.

They used processing/java/javascript and learned about functions, variables, for loops, classes, methods and arrays

18 Games

In the final two days the students had free hands to program and design their own version of a 80's classics game. Here you can play with the results.

1. Hugo
By: Michelle Holk Svendsen
2. Flappy Survival
By: Mikllas Lund
3. Racers
By: Sebastian Riis Skovgaard
4. Arkenoid
By: Ditte Shaw Petersen
5. Be the Hero!
By: Christina Buch-Larsen
5b. Foot Pong
By: Christina Buch-Larsen
6. Tre
By: Martin Verner Kampmann
7. Indianer Jonas Zombie Survival
By: Mathias Ellehammer Larsen
8. Free falling
By: Andreas Sloth
9. Space-Cat
By: Kristoffer Oftebro-Svendsen
10. City Shooter
By: Emil Thiim Berner Hansen
11. Snake
By: Rasmus Emil Baad
12. Space shooter
By: Jakob Østergaard Madsen
13. RUCkle Bobble
By: Kasper Jensen
14. The Martian
By: Sebastian Alfred Valentin Jakobsen
15. Space-Invaders
By: Sebastian Venndt Kaszas
16. Ball Maniac
By: Rolf Salling Ottesen
17. Lars Invader
By: Kamilla Worm Bøgedal
18. Space Invader
By: Ida Malling Nielsen

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The source of each game can be viewed by viewing the source in your browser.